The video of RENKEI Summer School at Tohoku University in 2014 is now on air. HERE

RENKEI is the Japanese word for “collaboration” and in this context also stands for Research and Education Network for Knowledge Economy Initiatives. RENKEI brings together 6 universities from the UK and 6 from Japan. The participating universities in RENKEI are forming pilot projects for collaboration in three main areas: technology and knowledge exchange with industry, student mobility, and universities’ social engagement. Among the pilot projects are summer schools for postgraduates and early career researchers, and a bilateral skills development programme for PhD students.

A winter school to be held in Southampton in January will have the theme "Sustainable cities" focussing on research that addresses district/distributed energy and green universities.

2015/7/1 The video of RENKEI Project at Tohoku University is now on air. HERE NEW
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